10 Jan 2017

Why Do I Wear Hijab?

When I started wearing hijab, I used to get a lot of weird questions. Once in my boarding school, a girl suddenly asked, 'Are you having a bad hair day?' For a minute, I did not understand what she meant. I said Nope. She then continued, 'Ohh, so you have lice then?' My mom checks for that all the time and that was so annoying. I laughed and replied, 'Huh, I doubt that.' She did not stop there. 'Er, is it very cold for you?' I wondered when was it so cold in my locality? I was like, 'Why would you ask that?' Only then she pointed my long flowing headscarf and asked, 'Then why do you wear that on your head?'

That was during my school days and the questions haven't stopped yet. Whenever I meet new people, believe me, I am faced with plenty of ‘curious’ questions. Mostly, the conversation starter is my dress code. 'What are you wearing? Do you wear it all the time, even when you sleep? Are you wearing it by force? Don't you feel oppressed? Why do you have to wear it when women are liberated today?’

I am today's woman too. I go out. I enjoy movies. I love shopping. I read books. I gobble cakes. I worry about my weight, yet I don't follow my diet. I am a girl who wants to make a difference as much as you do. Once on a train journey to my hometown, I met an Australian couple. It was quite an interesting rendezvous with them. They were also keen to know about my headscarf. The headscarf, called the Hijab, is a sign of modesty. Hijab doesn't mean simply wearing the black burqa but there is more to it. The word Hijab comes from the Arabic word Hijaba, which means to conceal. In Holy Quran, God asks men and women to observe their modesty for their own benefits. Not only it is intended to cover the hair but the body, mind and soul.

Having grown up in a Muslim household, many things were just handed over to me. And being raised in such a community, I never questioned them. Naturally it becomes my way of life. I am comfortable with what I was given and the hijab was one of them. I literally grew up in it. My dress code gives me freedom and comfort. Covering my head has never been a challenge for me because it has always been a part of my wardrobe. It is as normal as choosing a skirt and a top. Now that, hijab becomes a fashion statement too.

In Hijab, I am identified as a woman who practices Islam. I take pride knowing that many of you can identify me as a Muslim as soon as you see me, simply by the way I dress. Even non muslims greet me with ‘Assalamu Alaikum!’. Besides that, Hijab saves me from the society’s expectation on objectification of what women should look like. My hijab has freed me from such unnecessary expectations and gives me the power to say out loud - I am much more than what you physically see.

Hijab keeps me liberated. On a funny note, yeah, I don't even have to worry about my messy hair when I am in hurry. True that I worry less about my hair-do and makeup. But that doesn't mean I put no effort to make myself presentable. We women naturally like to be beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem comes when the appearance is put above all the other characteristic that women possess. My hijab reminds me as an individual who wants to be recognized based on personality and not by looks.

Nowadays, wearing minimal has become a part of women's liberation. I too have my own definition for liberty and self respect. If your choice is to wear sleeveless and stilettos, why can’t I choose to be in my scarf? When I am in hijab, I feel so much more in control. I do care about my appearance and love to dress up, but then I have the freedom to choose how much of myself I reveal to the public. I’m glad I stopped seeing myself through others' gaze but through the love of God who values both men and women equally for their good deeds and not for their beauty.

Well, to answer all the questions. No, I don’t have lice and I don’t wear it when I sleep. And yeah, sometimes I do have my bad hair days and sometimes hijab helps me when the weather is cool. But contrary to the popular belief, Hijab is neither an oppression nor inferiority. In fact, it implies power to women.

Hijab is my choice. It becomes my identity. I am not forced to stay in the veil but I choose to wear it, as an expression of my beliefs and my appearance to what's written in the Quran about feminine, modesty and humility.

In hijab, honestly, I feel blessed.

31 Dec 2016

Years Old..

Years old, still remain my favorites..
Old pair of shoes and the old mosaic tiles.
New things are welcome.. but,
 old things and memories are cherishable.
From Where I Stand..

Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year!

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20 Nov 2016

Jug In My Life

Hi Bestie,

I have not blogged for a long time but now I have found a reason to be back. And I am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda. Mind you, I am gonna wake you up in your ungodly hour and make you read this before it goes live. After all, you are my Jug.

Some people come into our lives and barely leave any trace while some leave footprints that carves into our soul, and then suddenly, we never be the same.

You, dear friend, have been imbibed upon my heart since day one. When you tapped on my shoulder with your little finger and asked if I wanted to be friends with you? Well, who wouldn't have wanted to be friends with someone who has a magnet pencil case and a box full of color pencils to share with? My answer was obvious. With a smile on your face, you held my hands and you have not let go off me since then. Seasons changed, years passed and we grew up. So did our love and friendship.

There were days when others let me down, and I looked for something or someone to hold on to. When life pulls the rug beneath my feet, you were there to dust me off and tell me everything is going to be okay. You said there’s a thing called Hope, which I can always look forward and hold on to.

I learned from you that friends don't judge each other. When I was singing out loud that Bollywood song - ears plugged, eyes closed, lost myself in the music, you did not judge me. I know you were laughing so hard inside, but still you managed to keep a straight face and assured I have a great voice. That was an utter lie. We both knew it, and so did the neighbors two floors up. Because I do the same with you when you belt out A R Rahman’s. But then it’s terrible when you did not hesitate to embarrass me pulling out the ear plug and make me listen to my tone deaf singing. And I hate you for that!

You taught me to handle my stress and fears. You taught me to be strong and especially not let others to see my weakness. You taught me that the truth hurts but for the best. ‘Do I look good in this outfit?’ Most of the time we will not get the honest answer, but you’ll be the first one to tell me how crappy I look. Thanks to you for letting me know even when I don't want to hear that. Girl, that truly helps!

My anger is pretty expensive and you never complained about it. I literally stop everything that comes my way, like the red traffic signal. It creates so much noise and still you know how to reach me through that chaos, manoeuvre me through the commotion and clear the mood.

You even told me it’s okay to fight. It's an expression that we show to someone who we are comfortable with. My Jug, don't just think that I’m not talking about being a boxer. I mean, I really do. We take our turns being the boxer and the victim but no matter how many punches we throw and the long faces we pull, we find our own ways to make up in a matter of time.

The movies we watched through the night and then realized the sun popped out and we say, 'Shucks, I'm going to bed!'. My dear Zindagi, my partner in crime, my movie companion, my gossip buddy, my dance master and much much more. No matter how far we stay, no matter how many days, weeks and months we have not spoken to each other, we always pick up where we left. Don't we? But that’s what real friends do, right?

My lovely friend, when we grow older to even hold our walking sticks properly, I have no doubt that you will still be the one who could turn my frown into a smile and my tear into a laughter. And I’m pretty sure that we'll still be watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and laughing until our lungs burst or perhaps, our catheter bags.

Loads of love from,
Your Jug! :)

8 Sep 2016

I miss you, Vaapa!

Well, that pretty much sums it up. This post is entirely dedicated to my dad, who passed away 2 months ago. And that explains my absence here as well. He's been filled my mind and I couldn't write or read anything. I remember the last day when I held his hands and told him to push me hard to check how strong he was. I was talking about taking selfie with him that night. I wish I had clicked one. He slipped quietly in his sleep during the month of Ramadan on a Friday early morning. The holy month of Ramadan gave us patience and strength to handle our loss.

After a week, I had a dream as if I were trying to wake him up from his deep slumber like I always do every morning with a cup of tea. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled at me. He was awake, wide awake. His eyes twinkled in tears. I was overjoyed and pulled him out of his grave. Then together we walked back home. I still remember how I felt in my dream that he was back from death. I called my mom and brothers to tell that I woke vaapa from his sleep. He went into the room and sat in the corner of his bed. I held his hands and asked how it was there in the Hereafter. He replied thoughtfully, it was dark. Consciously in my sleep, I thought to myself, perhaps that was Allah's will not to reveal the Hereafter to us, the living. It felt good when I woke up in the morning and saw the sunlight peeking through my windows, shining bright. It was a nice dream and it gave me hope that everything would be alright.

My father was always there for me. We had some ugly fights and the most beautiful moments to cherish. Having both ups and downs in our relationship, I know he was the one person in my life who would do absolutely anything for me, for his children.

I remember when I was a little girl, my brother and I used to lie down in our roof top with mom and dad, munching apples after dinner, listening to the stories he tell. He brought down the stars and the moon for us. I remember how I walked behind him, jumping and placing my feet in his footprints thinking I'd grow up soon like him. Well, he made a mark in my life but then he always say I am more like my mom and my brothers are more like him.

His old photographs say how cool and stylish he was. He carried himself so well. A charismatic person. He was very passionate. I looked up to him in my growing period. He was the one person who supported me till his last breath. We have had our moments. To smile, to cry, to think, to linger, to reminisce, well, now my memories are soaked in a sepia tone.

Vaapa, I will miss your hugs, your laughs and even your anger. I will miss the fun being with you. I will certainly miss our arguments. I miss our scrabble days. I will miss your complaints. I will miss your stories. I will miss posing for your camera. I will miss how you pull Umma's legs. I will miss your first wish on my birthdays. I miss so many things with you. I really did not know I would miss you this much, and If only I knew.... I miss you, vaapa. I really do.

Sometimes it is hard to accept the reality that he is no more, as I feel his presence everywhere. He is still here with us. He is a part of me. I can feel him in me. I will miss him more than any words can describe. He has given us the love and the care we could always hold onto and I will cherish that forever.

I love you, Vaapa. May Allah grant you the highest ranks in Jannah. Be at peace. Aameen!

30 Aug 2016

Jus' Kidding..! ~ #4

I know I've been hibernating for a while now in our blogosphere, and this comic is to depict the same. Well, I'm coming back soon. Till then enjoy this comic strip and do leave your comments. If not, you'll end up seeing me in your dreams with two big horns and an even longer pointy tail, scaring you. Bwahaha! :D

Oh, Jus' Kidding..! ;-)
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